Discovering Polaris


In order to change society, you must first be in a position to influence culture.

Imagined in collaboration with a creative visionary from Cirque du Soleil, this gathering is a beacon for professionals at a crossroads, looking to redefine their purpose and carve out a path that aligns with their deepest values and aspirations.

agency focus

  • Creative Think Tank
  • Financing & Sponsorships
  • Logistics & Execution
  • Content Capture & Edit
  • Data, Attribution & Analytics
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Omnichannel Advertising
  • Research, Market Analysis & Strategy
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Web Design & Development
Discovering Polaris reflects upon Revel Republics' ability to elevate a life changing seminar

The Experience

Providing growth

Hosted by Anthony Trimino, the innovative mind behind TRAFFIK Advertising, with practical, hands-on workshops facilitated by the profound insights of Jake Havron and Emily Ford, "Discovering Polaris" is an odyssey designed to illuminate your next steps with the brilliance of a North Star. Set against the backdrop of the Vea Hotel's sophisticated elegance, this event transcends traditional networking, offering a space where your transformation is not only witnessed but felt. With experiences that captivate and sessions that challenge, each moment is an opportunity to not just listen, but to engage with your future self.

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